Types of finance

At Affinity we put your needs first and help you find the appropriate asset funding solution. Types of facilities available include:


Hire Purchase/Lease Purchase

A traditional way to purchase assets for your business, simple repayment providing ownership at the end of your agreement.


Finance Lease

A flexible alternative providing cashflow and tax benefits, on balance sheet and potential ownership at the end of the agreement.


Sale & HP or Leaseback

Allows the company to raise funds and assist cashflow from the sale of assets, providing benefits throughout their useful life.


Re-finance/Equity release

A simple way of raising cash against your unencumbered assets, providing money back into the business.


Contract Hire

An alternative to buying your vehicles/fleet outright, where the asset is leased for a set period of time with no ownership issues. It also includes maintenance providing hassle free motoring.


Contract Purchase

A similar option to Contract Hire, however you have the opportunity to retain or return the asset at the end of the agreement.


Operating Lease

A fixed payment off balance sheet transaction generally for larger purchases. The lender retains ownership and the risks associated with this, while your business utilises the asset as if it were your own.

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