Dec 21

Christmas Newsletter

Posted: 21 December 2016 by admin

Hi all, hope you’re well and fully prepared for Christmas! There has certainly been no slow down in the run up and even in this last week we've been swamped with requests to arrange facilities before the big day. We have noticed a marked increase in lending volumes within the last quarter and businesses are also making plans for a fast start to 2017. Several of our customers have already committed to purchases, in most cases having won some additional contracts and need the assets to support them.

2016 will no doubt be largely remembered for the decision to leave to the EU and the naming of an unexpected new US president. However, as per our previous communication there certainly seems to be a business as usual attitude within the marketplace, rather than the nervousness we’ve witnessed in previous events that have affected our economy. Our customers appear to have rolled up their sleeves and taken the ‘what will be, will be’ attitude which is encouraging and can only help as we enter the New Year.

Affinity remain committed to supporting SME’s throughout the UK and our lending volumes have yet again increased significantly year on year, having supported numerous businesses making capital purchases. We have been involved in some very interesting and complex deals including MBO’s, company acquisitions, re-finance and also the more straight forward day to day purchases. Our efficient service and speed of turnaround remains our focus, coupled with competitive rates. We now have over 50 lenders on our panel covering a broad range of facilities and assets which means we will always be able to find a supportive funder – no matter what the requirement!

Fleet Management Partner

We have recently engaged with a new provider offering an entire fleet management solution, from sourcing the vehicles to servicing and maintenance. They provide solutions from 1 car to 500 depending on your fleet size and will work closely with your business to ensure the facilities meet the ever-changing demands of fleet management. They have heavily discounted terms with all the main manufacturers, meaning you can be confident that the vehicles are secured at the best possible price. If you would like to discuss this in more detail please get in touch to arrange an introduction.

Deal Summary

Nottingham based business expands production capabilities with new machine…

We have assisted our client on numerous finance projects, having known the management team for over 10 years. We were approached to help secure a funding package which was flexible and met the needs of a growing business. The deal required staged payments in Euros (534,000) and it was key to work alongside the supplier to ensure the necessary deadlines were achieved. The overall package was approved swiftly on fixed rate and structured over 4 years, meaning our customer could confidently budget knowing the costs wouldn’t increase. The facility completed in November 2016 following the successful installation of the machine, which will be an integral part of the production facility going forwards. We were delighted to be of assistance once again and help the business expand further into future projects.

West Midlands hire company adds 50 new vehicles to their fleet…

Our client is a car hire company who consistently buys new vehicles from various manufacturers. As they have strong relationships and terms with all their suppliers they needed to pay the invoices quickly once the vehicles had arrived. The facility was approved within a matter of hours on a Sale & HP back basis due to the volume of invoices, allowing the client to pay for them first and take delivery. We then put an agreement in place and the funds were back with our client the following day. The facility was not only competitive but met the needs of our customer, whilst being extremely swift as not to impact on their cash-flow.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! A huge thank you to all our customers and introducers for your business and support this year and we look forward to working with you again in 2017.