Apr 11

Industry specialists improve manufacturing capabilities

Posted: 11 April 2018 by admin

We were introduced to this client by a trusted Financial Consultant, whom we've worked with for several years.

He is currently working alongside the MD of this business to help them grow and improve efficiencies. After a recent site move, they've now got the potential to increase capacity within the manufacturing facility.

The machine was an integral part of their growth plans, which will increase production speed, whilst also helping to gain new clients. 

The facility to purchase a new UCE Shadow Machine, which manufactures circuit boards, was approved by Affinity within 24 hours. Upon it's arrival from China, we quickly arranged payment to the supplier to ensure there was no additional downtime.

The deal was structured over 5 years, with only 5% deposit and included a 3 month VAT deferral, to assist with cashflow pressure at the time. Needless to say the client was delighted with the flexible and bespoke structure.